With the aim of promoting academic research at IOM, the Center for Academic Research Promotion aims at more sophisticated academic research peculiar to IOM through vitalization of academic research, and promotion of university-wide research projects including research institutes and centers, by conducting activities shown below:

The Center for Academic Researches Promotion is in charge of setting policies concerning internal grant-aided research project with competitive research funds.

From FY2017, multiple competitive research funds will be integrated into "The INOUE ENRYO Memorial Foundation for Promoting Sciences".

Furthermore, the Center plans and promotes various research projects in an attempt to help research bases acquire external research funds by finding internal research resources and connecting them with external research funds.

  • 1. Planning and promoting research projects, such as a university-wide research which can contribute to the society, a mixed and interdisciplinary research, and a unique, progressive research, etc.
  • 2. Promoting joint research with external research institutes, etc., and planning and promoting research projects based on introduction of external research funds
  • 3. Setting policies concerning internal grant-aided research, and examining projects to be subsidized
  • 4. Collecting external information on promotion of internal research activities, and externally conducting PR activities (Holding academic lecture meetings/symposiums, Holding academic seeds exhibitions, etc.)
  • 5. Accumulating and organizing research information such as achievements of internal research activities (Compiling a database, etc.)
  • 6. Organization, Liaison, and coordination of activities of research institutes/research centers (including inspection and evaluation)