IOMVarsity & Programmes


IOMVarsity is a private varisty incorporated through Inland Revenue Department, HongKong that offers education to medical & dental graduates through an interactive medium of education taking leaf from the best practices of distance education & contact programmes from across the Globe.

IOMVarsity Programmes

Following programs are offered by IOMVarsity at present

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

The mandatory eligibility for the programs are:

  • 1. Medical Graduate Registration with respective National Medical Council
  • 2. Dental Graduate Registration with respective National Dental Council

Program structure & assignments

All programs will be conducted either online or through contact programmes at Affiliated Centres. The assignments will be in the form of lecture series comprising of interactive video lectures with self assessment questions for revision, prescribed and suggested reading and weekly-graded assessments.

Benefits of these Programs

It would extensively widen the scope/ enhance the quality and reach of education for you on a lifelong basis by broadening your knowledge, so as to bridge the gap between existing and apparent needs of healthcare professionals and the society. The programs enhances your knowledge and builds your skills to the next level of proficiency, so that you would be better placed to offer your services. They will enhance your ability to run your practice better and thus increase your patient inflow and conclusively transcribe to better revenue.

How these programs are delivered?

The programs of the IOMVarsity are largely delivered through Affiliated Centres, with convenient self-study at one’s own pace, time and place facilitated through notifications and optional clinical exposure through hospital rotations.

Is there any flexibility in extending Program duration?

Students enrolled are admitted to specific batches. They have a window period of 1 year for completion of the program. The exams are conducted at the end of the program and if the student fails to appear for the exam or fails in the examination, he/she can appear for the exam one more time.

The student has to finish the program within the program duration. If the student doesn’t take the final exams or fails to clear the final exams within the above program duration, he/she cannot continue further in the program. If the student wishes to continue, the student has to take readmission and pay full program fee.

Switching to different programs, is it allowed?

Switching from one program to another after enrollment is not allowed. Hence the student is advised to study the prospectus in detail before enrolling for any program.

What is the pattern of assessments?

There would be continuous graded assessments throughout the program duration & at the end of the programme.

Who will award the Certificates?

IOMVarsity awards / accredits the certificates in association with the respective professional international organizations.

Can I mention these Program certification with my Degree?

Certainly, you can mention these certificates in your CV/ resume alongwith your basic qualifications.

Can I use the certificate title in my clinic / hospital Board

Certainly you can display the Certificate or title after the completion in your board at clinic / hospital. However, you cannot call or write yourself as a specialist like “Diabetologist”, “Cardiologist”, “Radiologist”, “Psychologist”, “Endodontist”, “Prosthodontis” etc.