IOM Accreditation Benefits

Global Recognition of your Institute

With an international seal of IOM your Institute will now be recognized on all global platforms as the institute providing quality education.

Worldwide Acceptance of your certifications

With IOM's accreditation your institute programmes will be accepted by educational institutes and employers worldwide.

Accreditation in mimimum Time

With IOM's accreditation your profile enhances on an international level, resulting in record enrollments and retention ratios

Networking Opportunity and Alliances

We have various quality assurance and educational alliances programs going on. Through these programs, you can offer dual programs, equivalency and legalization services to your students

Promotion Opportunity

Being accredited by IOM, you can promote yourself at IOM's educational events and seminars by participating in them. IOM will also regularly send its publications to your institute to keep you updated on educational practices you can adopt to enhance your institute's educational standards.